S-class W202 Mercedes

1993-2000 of release

Repair and car operation

W202 Mercedes
+ 1.2. General information
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Greasing system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Heating, ventilation
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Transmission
+ 10. Running gear
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
- 14. Electric equipment
   14.1.2. Measuring devices
   14.1.3. Equipment of measurements
   14.1.4. Electric equipment checks
   14.1.5. Sound signal
   14.1.6. Replacements of safety locks
   + 14.1.7. Storage battery
   + 14.1.8. Generator
   + 14.1.9. Starter
   14.1.10. Traction relay
   + 14.1.11. Lighting system
   14.1.12. Devices
   14.1.13. Dashboard
   14.1.14. Filament lamps on the dashboard
   14.1.15. Light switch
   14.1.16. Radio receiver
   + 14.1.17. Aerial
   14.1.18. Loudspeakers
   + 14.1.19. Rubber brushes of screen wipers
   14.1.20. Jets of a stekloomyvatel
   14.1.21. Washing nozzles of headlights
   14.1.22. Screen wiper and its engine
   14.1.23. Protect the car
   14.1.24. Anticreeping "immunodeficiency"
   14.1.25. Why headlights grow dull
   14.1.26. "Galogenki"
+ 14.2. Electroschemes

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14.1.24. Anticreeping "immunodeficiency"


The blocking is more passive, the better

From stealing of immunity is not present. If the car can combine the price, it potentially is the goods, so – and object of stealing. That can be stolen, will be stolen. Question only where and when.

The most perfect means of protection there are electronic systems – the security alarm system and anti-theft devices. The task of the first – to notify on attempt of stealing and to have on the thief psychological influence. But what from it I pound, if the car costs on the street, and the bedroom windows leaves in a yard?! Even in time worked, it does not cause anything in passersby, except irritation. The thief too it is not strong "хвылюется", knowing well that worked only пугач. For now the owner will put on sports pants and will go down on the lift, it is possible to manage to reach and the Canadian border. Therefore the alarm systems of the American type which are so popular in the CIS, in Europe are not applied. After all at false operation the owner should pay all departures on a police squad scene. Fortunately (in this sense), our militia on howl sirens of the car reacts extremely seldom. On its call runs only owner compelled at first to be convinced that the alarm not false and to cause only then militia. And waiting for it – to try to beat off the car. Protivougonki is much more effective, more difficult and is more expensive at the same time.

Abroad the best advertizing of security system is recognition by its association of insurance companies. Otherwise to be put on the market with it it is not necessary. Also that is not went at "them", now captivated our market. We have no similar association, therefore insurance companies are compelled to carry out examination independently.

Let's generalize some from put-forward requirements – we will allocate the main components of systems on extent of protection and we will estimate their efficiency.

Admission systems in salon and engine start


Betray the owner if got into strange hands. The locks which have appeared recently of Tlris system – not an exception. Let's remind, there in a key the coded chip without the power supply, in the lock, respectively, the reader (radio input reader) who is periodically requesting a key is built in. If the microchip is identified, the system disconnects the alarm system and will unblock the engine. Alas, Tlris protects only from master keys and counterfeit keys.

DU charm

Are used infra-red, radio - or ultrasonic communication. It is convenient, but can betray as. And if the battery sat down, creates one problems: neither to put the car on protection, nor to remove from it, to unblock the engine. And, at the most inappropriate moment. And many already happened car thieves of own car.

The system refuses, if the director of hindrances – the broadband generator of noise or to it the similar device is nearby included. And – scanners, grabbers, etc. already it is not much less than means of opening, than systems.

Card or Tlris charm

Thing even more convenient. While is in an area of coverage of the reader, automatically confirms the right to start of the engine and driving. If communication is lost (the driver with a card left the car), the engine is automatically muffled. Does not distract the user and provides the highest comfort. But, as well as other material carriers of the password, unauthorized access allows, having got to the thief.

Attempt to receive a comfort maximum, having applied some Tlris carriers, leads often to result opposite – to their conflict at the next reading and protection operation.

Type-setting password

In secret services this type of the admission is considered the most protected. There are two inconveniences – it is necessary to remember the password and to enter it. But cars with similar systems of the admission keep up much less often. And to enter the password it is not more difficult, than to dial phone number. For this reason many already start to combine system from the inexpensive alarm system and a protivougonka with a password set for the admission. And manufacturing firms managed to adjust their release operatively. In modern prestigious cars this mode include in the program of the regular board computer.

The systems, demanding to enter the password after engine start

Otherwise the engine will be muffled at the first braking or decrease in turns. In it their main shortcoming also is covered – do not reduce speeds and steal. The second minus – the simplified password as it needs to be entered into movement time.

The combined systems of the admission

For example, a radio charm or Tlris card for external protection and the admission according to the password for engine start. The steadiest system on extent of protection.

Alarm system (sound, light and radio pager)

Two levels of the alarm system – warning and disturbing are applied. Disturbing should join, if did not react to the warning. Joining without cause, it only irritates and soon ceases to draw attention. It thieves often use, specially disturbing the chosen car. Sometimes use monotony of voices of sirens – near the chosen car put the with the same siren and periodically include. When the owner ceased to react, from "training" pass to actions. Therefore take care, that sounding of your alarm system differed from others. Or buy a radio pager.

He without superfluous noise will operatively tell you that occurs to the car. Some connect the relay which is switching on a lamp of lighting a parking lot to a pager and such reception simulate vigilant supervision. But consider that the pager as easily chokes with the director of hindrances and always there is a chance in the morning to rise with pleasure slept, but a little impoverished.

Systems of blocking of start of the engine or its compulsory switching off

Foreign insurance companies demand, that the anti-theft device provided blocking not less than three knots: starter, ignition and топливоподачи. And as a result – passive blocking of the engine if the processor does not work it (is disconnected or destroyed).

The active provides an immobilization only at the working processor. Besides to leave possibility to use the car at refusal of security system, in many of them the mode of normally closed contacts of blocking relays is applied. It car thieves also use: to tear off a wire of a food of the main block enough – and all system is neutralized. To find it even among identical on thickness and color a wire, the bulb with sharp the shchupy will suffice. Wire isolation is punctured, is remained energized at the switched-off ignition and the direction of further actions clearly even to the poor student.

If wires from blocked chains meet to one block, the car thief it only facilitates a task. The decision takes few minutes. Here again advantage behind passive blocking, especially if is microimmobilizers and they are scattered on all car. And the more so, if they are built in in regular blocks of the car as thus to neutralize them a crossing point it is simply impossible.

In the systems providing compulsory muffling of the engine, the alarm system warning should work that to the car there is something wrong and it is necessary to steer clear of it. Otherwise there is a chance to return the car, injured not so much from the car thief, how many from involuntary neighbors in the route.

Systems of return of the car

It is a question of suppression of thuggish stealing. At it it is more reasonable to allow to drive off to the car thief and on a safe distance for you compulsorily to switch off the engine. The mode usually joins from a special charm. But his car thieves, most likely, will select, and at movement will try not to reduce engine turns. As similar systems too switch off the engine at decrease in turns below a certain level. Or apply the director of hindrances then need to take away a charm will disappear.

And it is even more probable – will roll you in the car, yet will not reveal all traps. Them all then will suggest to disconnect, to train to do it and only after that will turn out. Here then chances of car return practically does not remain.

More precisely so was until recently. There were the systems, allowing a call by phone to block the engine on removal in tens kilometers. About one of them we learned recently, when receiving a pager of a network "the LINK a telecom". In the list of enclosed services appeared and "the peydzhingvy security autoalarm system". The more deeply we penetrated into a system essence, the more it interested us. To avoid charges of advertizing, we will not begin to provide its name, we will list only the elements which have seemed to us by Ace of Base ("an ace in a pack").

It is the specialized board computer on the basis of the Intel processor, trained to protect the car. The system is constructed on the microimmobilizers placed near or in object of control. Them can be to eight independent. It is possible to include any reasonable quantity of signaling devices and sensors in it. Management of system and input of passwords of the admission are made manually from the two-push-button keyboard. Indication of conditions, confirmation of performance of operations and some helps are made by the multi-color indicator and musical signals. Probably operative reprogramming for changes of algorithm of work of system. Kompter is protected from influence by an electroshock or from statement of a radio noise and remembers attempts of their application. Installation of the receiver of paging signals ("Motorola") for reception of external teams is possible. Simplest of them – a sound pager: the processor on a radio command loses one of a set of legkouznavayemy melodies in salon. It is so possible to transfer to the driver conditional messages, without distracting from driving. The system price in the minimum configuration – about two hundred US dollars, with the receiver – is twice more.