S-class W202 Mercedes

1993-2000 of release

Repair and car operation

W202 Mercedes
+ 1.2. General information
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. Engines
   3.1.2. Identification number
   + 3.1.3. Engine
   3.1.4. Cars with the conditioner
   3.1.5. Bottom cover of a motor compartment
   3.1.6. Covers of cast openings
   3.1.7. Natyazhitel of a chain
   + 3.1.8. Cover of a head of the block of cylinders
   + 3.1.9. Head of the block of cylinders
   + 3.1.10. Camshafts
   3.1.11. Hydraulic tarelchaty pushers
   3.1.12. Maslootrazhatelnye caps
   3.1.13. Valves
   3.1.14. Directing valves
   3.1.15. Saddles of valves in a head of the block of cylinders
   3.1.16. Compression
   + 3.1.17. Klinovy belt
   3.1.18. Diagnostics of malfunctions (DB)
   3.1.19. General comments
   3.1.20. Repair work without engine dismantle
   + 3.1.21. Major maintenance of the engine
   + 3.2. Diesel engine (DD)
   3.2.3. Cars with the conditioner
   3.2.4. Bottom cover of a motor compartment
   3.2.5. Covers of cast openings
   3.2.6. Natyazhitel of a chain
   + 3.2.7. Camshaft
   + 3.2.8. Head of the block of cylinders
   + 3.2.9. Maslootrazhatelnye caps
   3.2.10. Cover of a head of the block of cylinders (2,2/2,5 l)
   3.2.11. Hydraulic tarelchaty pushers
   3.2.12. Valves
   3.2.13. Directing valves
   3.2.14. Saddles of valves in a head of the block of cylinders
   3.2.15. Head of the block of cylinders and motor block
   3.2.16. Compression
   3.2.17. Maple ridge belt
   3.2.18. Tense device of a maple ridge belt
   3.2.19. Diagnostics of malfunctions (DD)
+ 4. Greasing system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Heating, ventilation
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Transmission
+ 10. Running gear
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment
+ 14.2. Electroschemes

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3.2.16. Compression


Check of a compression allows to draw conclusions on an engine condition. It will help to define, whether there are valves or pistons (a ring of pistons) in a normal state or they are worn-out. Besides, based on the results of testing it is possible to solve, whether the engine is subject to replacement or it should be repaired in a complex. For control it is necessary компрессометр, intended specially for diesel engine check. Kompressionnoye pressure in the new engine should be 26–32 bar. The difference of pressure between separate cylinders should make no more the 3rd bar. If one or several cylinders have the pressure differing from others more than on 3 bars, it is a sign of defective valves, worn-out piston rings or pistons in cylinders.

The sequence of actions on control of a compression is given for the engine in volume of 2,0 l.
1. Raise a cowl.
2. Remove nozzles.
3. Unscrew a liquid tank for screen wipers, disconnect it and put aside.
4. Engine in volume of 2,0 l: that at engine turn by means of a starter fuel was not injected, the lock lever (shooter) should be established in the situation "stop". For this purpose connect the vacuum pump to a tank (shooter) of the fuel pump. Create in a tank depression about 400 Mbar and support it in all the time of control of a compression.
5. Several times turn the engine a starter to remove a deposit and a soot.

Establish a transmission on idling and tighten the parking brake. During a prokruchivaniye of the engine do not bend over it: accident is possible!

6. Screw компрессометр (01) with an element of communication (02) and a detail of connection (03) to the place of a nozzle in the prechamber of the cylinder subject to check.
7. Ask the assistant to press to the full a pedal of an accelerator and to hold it in the course of check.
8. Turn the engine approximately on 9 turns, pressure lifting on the measuring device will not stop yet.
9. Remove value of controllable size and consistently check a compression in all other cylinders. Then compare the measured sizes to nominal rates. Thus keep in mind that results of measurement depend and from used компрессометра. If in one or several cylinders kompressionny pressure is lower minimum, it is necessary to check tightness of the cylinder.
10. Unscrew компрессометр (02) and establish nozzles with new laying.
11. Remove the vacuum pump.
12. Establish a tank of liquid of screen wipers and fix bolts.
13. Lower an engine cowl.

Features of engines in volume of 2,2/2,5 l

1. Remove a cross-section pipe of the air filter.
2. Unscrew a covering of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders (4).
3. Remove a nozzle (18) with pipelines of injection of fuel (17).
4. Kompressometr (01) fasten, according to the maintenance instruction, by means of a podsoyedinitelny detail (02) to the prechamber. Establish new chart paper (03).